New England Spas Celebrates 24 Years With Dave Hagopian


New England Spas, the largest hot tub dealer in Massachusetts, celebrates the career of a prolific salesperson: Dave Hagopian. Mr. Hagopian joined New England Spas in 1998. Over his 24 years with the company, he has sold over 3,000 hot tubs and generated over $26 million in revenue.

“During a wonderful run of 24 years, Dave Hagopian has performed like a superstar and helped to build the family of New England Spas teammates and customers,” says New England Spas Owner and President, Norm Coburn. “It has been an absolute pleasure working with so many tenured staff, especially in view of the current employment situation. I appreciate Dave’s ongoing support, loyalty, reliability, and relationship over so many years.”

Prior to joining New England Spas, Hagopian owned a health club for many years. After feeling the urge to make a career change, he responded to an employment ad in the newspaper that caught his attention, and the rest is history.

“I wanted to do something different, and I am so glad that I came to New England Spas. I have absolutely no regrets. I’ve had a great career with a great company. I wouldn’t have stayed this long if I didn’t love it,” says Hagopian.

While much has changed since 1998 when he started in the hot tub industry (orders are no longer handwritten, for example), Hagopian's passion and motivation for selling spas has remained the same. “I like the challenge when you are in front of a customer to try to close them. It’s the same rush as when I first started my career,” he says. “I came into work every day ready to sell like I had zero sales that month, even if I had already sold many spas. I treated every day like I was starting from scratch.”

Hagopian also credits the supportive and professional atmosphere at New England Spas for his success. “New England Spas provided me with the right tools. I had the opportunity to attend many trainings at the start of my career and I learned a lot. I also had the right environment to sell in – clean, organized showrooms showcasing our great products."

There’s no doubt that his sales achievements are astounding (there were several years in a row that he sold over 200 spas himself). However, it’s the people he has met and the relationships that he has forged — with colleagues at other dealerships, with his teammates at New England Spas, and with customers — that has made his career in the spa industry so special.

Hagopian remembers the friendly competition against hot tub salespeople at other dealerships across the country, “There was a gentleman on the West Coast that I would go back and forth against for the top salesperson position. He was the top guy on the West Coast, and I was the top guy on the East Coast. We were neck and neck on the leaderboard for several years. Getting that top position, and the bragging rights that came with it, was an accomplishment to strive for.”

The comradery of the New England Spas team made his years with the company particularly enjoyable, “I have so many great memories of working with the team in the showroom, taking trips to conferences and trainings. The team-building was great, and I even went to multiple weddings of New England Spas employees," Hagopian says.

He even met his wife, Ro, in a New England Spas showroom in 2000 when she came in to shop for a hot tub. Hagopian sold her a Sundance Altamar, and 22 years later, they’re heading down to Florida to enjoy their retirement together.

“I am really proud to be a part of New England Spas and to have helped to build the company,” Hagopian says. The feeling is certainly mutual. There is no doubt that Mr. Hagopian has been a tremendous asset to New England Spas over his storied career. New England Spas has awarded him their first ever Lifetime Achievement Award – fitting for the hot tub industry – a bronzed Cool Duck with a plaque commemorating his spa sales and revenue achievements.

Coburn and the rest of the New England Spas team wish all the best for Dave, and thank him for all he has done to help the company become the top hot tub dealer in Massachusetts. “I wish Dave and his wife many years of health and happiness together," says Coburn. "N.E. Spas, and I will always have fond memories of growing up together with team members like Dave!"

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