Stellar Sales Alliance Partners With Chlorine Genie

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Chlorine Genie, the flagship product of Ultimate Water, is pleased to partner with Stellar Sales Alliance, a sales team of 10 pool professionals who will be representing the Chlorine Genie and several other products in Florida, as well as the Caribbean.  

Stellar Sales Alliance will be responsible for sales of the Chlorine Genie, a patented technology that uses an electrolytic cell submerged in salty, brine-softened water to produce chlorine using reverse osmosis and a water descaling system built right into the unit. The only inputs to the system are salt and water.  

“We are very excited to offer this revolutionary product to our clients this season, especially in light of the industry’s chlorine shortage,” says Fernando Barragan, managing partner at Stellar Sales Alliance. Thomas Vessiere, national sales director at Ultimate Water, says: “Having the Stellar Sales team will help ensure the Chlorine Genie solution will quickly make its way into both the residential and commercial market in Florida and the Caribbean.”  

Pool builders and service companies wishing to incorporate the Chlorine Genie can contact (800) 970-7616 or email [email protected]

In Florida, Stellar Sales Alliance can be reached at (561) 247-0606. 

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