Video and Encyclopedia Collection Commemorate Paragon Pools’ 20th Anniversary

In commemoration of Paragon Pools 20th Anniversary, the Encyclopedia of Paragon Pools, a 10-volume, hard-copy collection was produced and published by Mary Vail, MBA Publicist. Photo by Mary Vail, MBA Publicist.
In commemoration of Paragon Pools 20th Anniversary, the Encyclopedia of
Paragon Pools, a 10-volume, hard-copy collection was produced and published by Mary Vail, MBA Publicist. Photo by Mary Vail, MBA Publicist.

The celebration of Paragon Pools' 20th Anniversary continues with the release of a video and set of encyclopedias. Executives Joseph Michael Vassallo and his son, Joseph Anthony, were overwhelmed with both the elements.

The video and encyclopedias were produced by the company’s long-time publicist Mary Vail, MBA Publicist.

“We had completed the traditional anniversary activities; logo rebrand, hosting a party, specialty gift items, social media postings, and a media release,” says Vail. “Paragon Pools realized this milestone through some challenging times over the two decades, including economic ups-and-downs and the pandemic. There were many businesses big and small that didn’t succeed. Hence, I wanted to document the company’s achievement as a remembrance of their hard-fought and distinguished journey.”

Initially, Vail’s plan was to produce a historical timeline video. As the exclusive photographer for the company, her computer database was filled with documents, trivia and pool images. But there were a few key elements that were missing. As Vail sifted through stored archives, she quickly discovered years of news clippings, photos and records that had never been digitized. In 2001, when the company was founded, film photography was the norm — as were printed documents of all types. Setting these boxes aside, she focused on the task at hand: to produce a 4.30-minute video, which can be viewed here.

But Vail kept thinking about the boxes filled with historical data that further detailed the story of the company. “I was interested in creating something tangible,” she says. “Something that represented the beginnings of the company when everything was in hard-copy form.”

The obvious solution was to publish a book, but the vast collection of archives would require a significant-sized publication. Then there was the question of how to organize the edition. The following months consisted of hours and hours of scanning, organizing, and cataloging each item. Proceeding through the process, Vail thought: What about an encyclopedia? Research led her to the local library, where she reviewed a variety of encyclopedia titles, examining how the book sets were crafted into specific volumes. The result is a valuable company asset, a 10-volume, hardcover collection entitled Encyclopedia of Paragon Pools. The collection holds over 900 pages with thousands of documents, illustrations, and images.

“Events of the past fade with time and memorabilia may sit in storage for years without ever being opened,” says Vail. “The encyclopedia gives them an opportunity to grab a volume and peruse it at any moment in time.”

“This was truly no small feat for Mary. Her dedication and commitment has been evident throughout her association with our company. But what she has created for us is something totally unexpected and a bit overwhelming,” says Joe Sr. “For some of us old-school types there is a bit more authenticity to something when you can touch and feel an object rather than just viewing it on screen. We will cherish these publications for years to come.”

About the Encyclopedia of Paragon Pools

Celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the family owned business, the Encyclopedia of Paragon Pools provides a comprehensive historical multi-volume publication through the colorful archives of the celebrated pool construction company.

Documented in a 10 volume collection, each volume highlights a specific aspect of the company's notable milestones.

Volume 1 - HISTORY (Timeline from 2001-2021)

Volume 2 - PROJECTS 2001 - 2011 (Residential and Commercial Pool Construction Projects)

Volume 3 - PROJECTS 2012 - 2021* (Residential and Commercial Pool Construction Projects,

sold thru June 30, 2021)

Volume 4 - DESIGN AWARDS (40 Design Awards, 2001-2021)

Volume 5 - AUTHOR: LVRJ (Articles penned by Joseph M Vassallo for the Las Vegas Review

Journal newspaper)

Volume 6 - AUTHOR (Books co-authored by Joseph M & Joseph A Vassallo and Articles

written by Joseph M Vassallo)

Volume 7 - ACCOLADES (Business and Philanthropic Recognitions)

Volume 8 - MEDIA: 2001 - 2011 (Print and TV Media Interviews)

Volume 9 - MEDIA: 2012 - 2021 (Print and TV Media Interviews)

Volume 10 - PHILANTHROPY (Company Philanthropic Endeavors)

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