FSPA Launches a New Mobile App


The Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) is set to launch its new mobile app this week. They will be introducing it to both their members and non-members to download.

The FSPA has spent the last few months building this app from the ground up. Working with Victory Productions, Maurice Bushroe, president of FSPA says, “We’re excited to be introducing the new FSPA mobile app, which gives members easy access to so many resources and activities. This platform is yet another way we’re leading Florida’s Swimming Pool Industry on behalf of citizens and pool professionals.”

The Community platform allows for a deeper engagement amongst its members. Posting discussions with one another while having the ability to navigate member needs throughout the app. This allows members to have their own unique experience while non-members can see teasers of why they should be members. This is what the FSPA is looking for, to attract new members through the app.

To view the app when it becomes live visit community.floridapoolpro.com.

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