Phoenix & Oxygen Pools Exclusive Partnership in New England

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Phoenix is excited to announce its new distribution agreement with Oxygen Pools in New England. The agreement gives the company the unique ability to offer dealers a proven alternative for a chlorine-free water treatment system, supporting customers for success in 2021 and future growth.

Oxygen Pools is an established and recognized manufacturer of chlorine-free sanitization systems, privately owned by Richard and Dan Holstein, father and son, based in Boynton Beach, Fla. Evolving the business as the internet changed pool industry marketing and sales, they took the initiative to develop a new business plan making internet and geographic protection available to brick and mortar dealers. With this New England partnership, existing Oxygen Dealers’ exclusive geographic and internet protection will still be maintained.

Dan Holstein says, “With the increase in pool owners wanting the feel of a salt-water pool, but without concerns for corrosion, Oxygen Pools provides a natural pool water treatment alternative that makes switching to a chlorine-free pool simple, easy to use and affordable. With current supply and demand issues, chlorine price increases, and overall market anxiety resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a highly viable and available chlorine-free option.

With Oxygen Pools, you can see the ozone system working like small champagne bubbles visible in the water jet stream. The Oxygen Pool System has affordable patented devices to keep replacement equipment costs down and incentivize customers to continue repeat chemical purchases. The system has proven itself to homeowners, who say it is like they are swimming in liquid air. It has been proven to retailers who say their stores make money with repeat chemical sales. We are excited to partner with Phoenix, which has an excellent reputation, extensive pool market experience, and we have the confidence to rely on Phoenix to expand New England sales.”

Phoenix Products is a family-owned business founded in 1982, formulating high-quality products for the pool and spa industry, drinking water treatment and health and beauty products, plus turnkey contract packaging. Its specialty has been the formulation of problem-solving products. The sales and customer service team have decades of pool construction and water chemistry experience.

“For Phoenix’s pool and supply division, we will be a distributor for Oxygen Pools’ Northeast customers. We have ample storage space to stock and store Oxygen Pools’ products,” says VP of Sales and Marketing Ed Price. “Phoenix’s team is completing product training and setting up co-branded literature and marketing material in preparation for product and literature displays in January. A complete marketing program is available to customers, which includes online and in-store trainings, manuals, handouts, POP displays and whatever we can do to help to support business success.”

John Haase, president, says: “It is very exciting to partner with an innovative and respected company like Oxygen Pools. They have the inventory and ability to handle growth, so our dealers have the confidence that we will keep them stocked with product and supplies for revenue from customers’ repeat sales. Our distribution agreement with Oxygen Pools adds significant unique product opportunities and sales not only for 2021, but for long-term business success and growth.”

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