CMP Introduces Mobile Field Support Experience

Cm Ptile

Custom Molded Products has released a new field support tool for installers and service professionals using CMP product support.

This new home for online CMP product support gives busy pool professionals access to a library of product instructions, repair guides and more. The CMP Tech Portal, designed to work like a native app on a smartphone for easy mobile access, can save time and money on the job.

Since it is web-based, the tool also works on any device including tablets, laptops or desktop computers. There is no need to download content as the portal operates in a web-connected browser.

The portal is divided into four sections:
● New Installation
● Repair or Replace
● FAQ & Troubleshooting
● Manuals / Instructions

The installation and repair areas break down instructions into easy to follow processes with visual aids. At the end of a session, users can choose to go to the next chapter or return to the beginning. More content will be added over time and training modules are also being considered.

“The CMP Tech Portal is very easy to use and provides a ton of information to technicians right at their fingertips while out in the field,” says Rob Thill, CMP national commercial & technical sales manager. “This new tool is freeing up time for customers that truly need help, and we can’t be happier with how it turned out.”

In just a few clicks, industry professionals – including pool builders, equipment installers and service technicians – have instant access. The step-by-step instructions and videos take them through the process one stage at a time. Every installation and maintenance repair feels easier with interactive videos, diagrams and more. Visit to get started.

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