CMAHC Certifies StarGuard Elite Lifeguard Program

StarGuard ELITE and the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code together announce the CMAHC certification of the StarGuard Lifeguard Program – the first ever CMAHC certification of a lifeguard training program. This achievement promotes the health, safety and wellness of the lifeguards who complete SGE training and the aquatic facilities they serve.

The CMAHC certification program was launched in 2018 to help educate the public about products and services that meet the strict, science-based standards in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Model Aquatic Health Code. If followed, the guidance in the MAHC helps reduce the risk for disease outbreaks, drownings and chemical injuries at public aquatic facilities. The CMAHC awards certification to services or products that comply with the relevant or applicable standards in the latest MAHC edition.

“As a long-time supporter of the MAHC and its evidence-based guidelines for aquatic health and safety, we are extremely proud to have the StarGuard Lifeguard Program receive the first ever CMAHC certification for a lifeguard training program. We hope this brings confidence to all lifeguards who complete our program and the aquatic managers who hire them,” says Wess Long, president of StarGuard ELITE. 

The StarGuard Lifeguard Program is an industry-leading training curriculum and internationally recognized certification. SGE's evidence-based protocols and adult learner activities are the foundation of a curriculum that fosters practical skills and retention. SGE partners with American Safety & Health Institute for all CPR, AED, first aid and emergency oxygen training elements that are used in the program. The StarGuard program is built to be objective, realistic and adaptable to any type of pool or non-surf waterfront.

CMAHC certification is not a single occurrence. Rather, the intent is to build a long-term quality control partnership. After initial certification, the CMAHC re-evaluates each certified service or product annually to ensure it continues to meet the same high standards required in the MAHC in order to maintain certification. Services or products that earn a CMAHC certification are said to be “CMAHC certified” and may display the CMAHC certification emblem to demonstrate they have been evaluated for conformance with the requirements in the latest MAHC edition.

“We have been working hard to expand our certification program to include lifeguard programs and were honored to work with StarGuard ELITE to issue this first ever certification of a lifeguard training,” says Dewey Case, CMAHC technical director. “Now more than ever, it is critical that our nation’s lifeguards are trained with the highest caliber curriculums and learner activities. CMAHC certification can serve as an important step in this kind of quality control.”

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