Premier Pools & Spas Announces Expansion in Two New Locations

Premier Pools & Spas recently expanded into the Lubbock, Texas and Central Alabama metropolitan areas. Aaron Gurley, president of Premier Franchise Management, has chosen Matt Henson to be the owner of the Lubbock, Texas office, and James Golden to be the owner of the Central Alabama office.

Lubbock, Texas | Owner: Matt Henson
It’s been about 15 years since Matt Henson built a pool. He used to design and install stone and hardscape features and can’t wait to get back into that kind of work. When he saw the opportunity to join a team centered around organization and customer satisfaction, he simply couldn’t pass it up.

“We chose Premier because we don’t have to figure everything out by ourselves,” says Henson. “There is an entire Premier Pools & Spas family all over the country ready and willing to help us succeed.”

The Henson family says that the drive and passion they see from Premier is giving them the confidence to take on this monumental and exciting journey.

“It could well be that all the wins, losses and experience of the past have prepared me for just this adventure,” says Matt.

Central Alabama | Owner: James Golden
While James Golden has never built a swimming pool before, he has owned a landscaping business. James has been in the landscaping industry for 25 years. His business is closely related to the swimming pool industry. That is why he and his wife, Amelia, are eager to turn their landscaping business into a Premier Pools & Spas in Central Alabama.

“We believe Premier Pools & Spas is the best franchise around. The franchise owners I talked to all had the same passion and love for Premier,” says Golden.

Amelia and James are ready to take on the Premier name and make families dreams come true by building swimming pools.

Premier Pools & Spas has built more than 70,000 pools and continues to grow. The company now serves more than 50 markets worldwide. Becoming a Premier Pools & Spas franchisee consists of a comprehensive background check, multiple inquiries to local vendors and distributors and previous customer and personal references. If you are interested in owning a Premier franchise, visit or call (855) 212-2210.

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