Natural Chemistry Announces New “3D” Merchandising Program

Bio Lab Nc Brands Display Program Img 5792

Natural Chemistry is pleased to announce it has created what it calls a “3D” Merchandising Program designed to support dealers as well as distributors. The 3 “Ds” stand for dealer, distributor, display, and the program is focused on providing high-end retail displays with a bonus voucher for use on Natural Chemistry products purchased through the dealer’s distributor of choice.

Not only will dealers benefit from the addition of new retail display rack in their store, but dealers will also be given up to $300 in vouchers with every rack ordered. Distributors benefit by having dealers purchase product with the NC Brands vouchers.

“Our goal was to create a program that benefits both dealers and distributors while displaying and selling more of our most popular products,” says Jamie Novak, brand manager at NC Brands.

Supplies are limited so dealers interested in taking advantage of this offer for the 2020 season should place their orders now to get their choice of display racks. Dealers should contact their BioLab sales rep to place their orders or call (800) 753-1233.

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