IRONMAN Champion Ben Hoffman Joins Master Spas

Ben Hoffman Master Spas

Master Spas is excited to announce its newest brand ambassador — IRONMAN champion Ben Hoffman.

The announcement comes as Hoffman, an accomplished triathlete with six IRONMAN wins on his resume, sets off to race IRONMAN African Championship.

As part of the partnership, Hoffman will begin training in the latest innovation from Master Spas — an H2X Fitness Swim Spas Challenger model.

“I am very proud to announce my new partnership with Master Spas and to add their incredible H2X Challenger swim spa to my arsenal of training tools,” Hoffman says.

The Challenger series from Master Spas bridges the gap between traditional jetted swim spas and propulsion systems. The unique airless jet system creates a water current that is more efficient, powerful and smoother than the competition. With the ability to control the resistance and temperature, novice swimmers to competitive triathletes can enjoy a continuous swimming experience that mimics open water. That’s why swim spas from Master Spas are the official swim spa of the IRONMAN World Championship.

“We all know that training for a triathlon can be very time-consuming, and swimming is often the biggest barrier or performance limiter for the age-group triathlete. Even as a professional triathlete with a reasonably strong swim, I come from zero swim background, and I need to constantly monitor both my stroke technique and fitness in the water,” Hoffman says. “With the H2X Challenger swim spa right in my own backyard, I will be able to minimize the energy outlay to get to my swim workouts done and focus on the technical work that needs to happen in the water.

“Taking underwater video or having a coach monitoring from above is much easier with this swim spa, and I have confidence I am improving my weakness and making it a strength.”

Hoffman has an impressive and inspiring triathlon career, getting his start in 2007. In addition to his six IRONMAN wins, he’s also placed second at the IRONMAN World Championship and won seven IRONMAN 70.3 events. He lives and trains in Tucson, Ariz.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ben into the Master Spas Family,” says Kevin Richards, vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re excited to partner with an athlete who shares our commitment to being the best and rising to the challenge. Ben’s perseverance through injury and training is a great example for everyone — whether they are just getting started, coming back from injury or going for an IRONMAN win. Swim spas from Master Spas can help people of all levels train better and recover smarter so they can achieve their goals.”

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