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For more information or to view episodes of the program, visit extremewaterworks.tv.

For many years, CEO Miguel Mercado and the people at Dorian Construction Group, an El Paso-based custom pool builder, enjoyed the reputation as a premium pool construction firm known for bold, creative designs.

In 2013, Mercado and company grew even bolder by launching cable TV's first-ever paid programming reality show about water. "Extreme Waterworks: The Element of H20" is a half-hour program that airs Saturday mornings on a local FOX affiliate and across the border in Juarez, Mexico, where it's broadcast in Spanish. No subtitles or translation is necessary, Mercado explains.

"We're all fluent Spanish speakers, so when we do a scene, we do takes both in English and Spanish."

Similar in some respects to other successful reality shows, such as "Pond Stars" or "The Pool Master," "Extreme Waterworks" features Mercado, his family and staff working with clients as they create a wide spectrum of aquatic projects. Along the way, there's banter and the kind of often-humorous interplay audiences love.

"We have a lot of fun," Mercado says. "We enjoy sharing the stories that happen in the course of our work, not to mention the daily antics and fun we have as a family doing what we love. Every day brings something new."

Not only has the show developed a strong following in El Paso, Juarez and much of eastern New Mexico, as well as online via its website and social media, it's also caught the eye of cable TV producers.

"Invisible Jet Media and BSTV Entertainment just recently signed us to be their lead presentation project for a Hispanic family-based custom water feature reality show," Mercado explains. "HGTV and Discovery have taken interest and we are scheduled for another sizzle reel and a pilot episode."

Since the program has been airing in its current paid-programing format, Mercado reports that his business has increased by 40 percent. "That's a big number, but just as important to us, we've met so many wonderful people and it's been so much fun," he says. "All I can say is we've truly been blessed."

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