Cardinal Systems Exands/Improves Its Existing Mfg. Facilities


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Cardinal Systems, Inc., a family-owned custom fabricator and manufacturer of swimming pool steel wall panels, thermomolded and extruded plastic products, vinyl liners and more for over 45 years, is expanding its existing operation and production facilities in North Manheim Township, Schuylkill County and Manchester Township, York County. Investing nearly $9 million into the multi-site expansion, this project will retain more than 500 jobs and create opportunity for additional full-time jobs for the mentioned communities.

“Cardinal Systems’ expansion will not only support keeping up with an increased consumer demand, but it will improve and make safer the company’s Schuylkill County facility, all while bringing dozens of new manufacturing jobs to communities in both York and Schuylkill counties,” says Pa. Governor Tom Wolf. “Bringing these new, full-time opportunities to Pennsylvanians in our renowned manufacturing industry has never been more important as the state recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Cardinal Systems signed a contract with L&K Construction located in Schuylkill County, Pa., to build two additional spaces to the Cardinal production facility. A 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility will be attached to the back of the existing warehouse space. The new warehouse will be connected utilizing three corridors, which will enable the transport of finished product to the shipping and storage warehouse. Cardinal will also add almost 11,000 sq. ft. of office and training room space to the existing front offices. Current customer service and CAD offices will be removed from the middle of the existing building, freeing up space within the production area to house new equipment and improve the efficiency and flow of materials throughout the facility. Ultimately, this expansion will enable Cardinal to streamline its shipping operations, repurpose its existing warehouse facility, allow the company to increase capacity on its production floor, and create additional offices, open work centers and training spaces for ongoing training needs.

The York County portion of the project will include the installation of required IT data lines, HVAC systems and office space in an existing area of an adjacent building. This will allow for more capabilities and efficient production in the on-site, vinyl-liner facility through the installation of new equipment and increased storage capacity.


“We are excited to embark on this expansion of our manufacturing facility during this unprecedented busy time brought on by the pandemic. As a family-owned business, we strongly believe in investing in our people and our operation as a way to provide a solid foundation for our success as an American manufacturer. We look forward to using this opportunity for growth to pave the way for our future," says Cardinal Systems, Inc., Owner Rachel Bradley.

The project was coordinated by the Governor’s Action Team, an experienced group of economic development professionals who report directly to the governor and work with businesses that are considering locating or expanding in Pennsylvania. Cardinal received a funding proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development for a $258 thousand Pennsylvania First Grant, a $59 thousand workforce development grant to help the company train workers, and a $3 million Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority loan, according to the Governor’s Office.

“The Cardinal team is very excited about our building expansion. We appreciate the support of the Governor’s Action Team in achieving our goals. The new warehouse and office space will allow Cardinal to continue to expand and grow our operations and to continue to be an employer of choice in Schuylkill County," says Cardinal Systems, Inc., President Deb Haase.

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