Poolwerx Franchise Expands in North Texas

Left to Right: Joseph Caruthers, Katie Hooker, Les Tribble, Darlene Childs, Cierra Childs
Left to Right: Joseph Caruthers, Katie Hooker, Les Tribble, Darlene Childs, Cierra Childs

Poolwerx has added two new pool supply and service locations in North Texas, both owned and operated by female entrepreneurs. Darlene Childs opened Poolwerx Lantana and Melanie Earles has opened Poolwerx Haslet, each servicing their greater areas. After being disappointed with some of the options in their respective neighborhoods, they each saw an opportunity to bring the kind of pool supplies and services they sought to their communities. They took matters into their own hands.

“Our home already had a pool when we purchased it in 2018. I discovered Poolwerx when I was looking for someone to help me troubleshoot my pool issues,” says Earles. “Poolwerx North Richland Hills, owned by Frank Disher, became my go-to pool store after some sour experiences with other pool companies. I would drive out of my way to visit Frank’s store for the excellent customer service and pool knowledge.”

Childs had a similar experience with her pool, and both women were seeking new opportunities. After meeting with the Poolwerx team, Childs and Earles decided to move forward with the company for training and support to open their own businesses. Both franchise partners currently live in the areas they service and, since both are moms, they plan to keep their operations a family affair. Childs will be working alongside her daughter Cierra, and Earles will have two daughters, McKenzie and Keira, donning a uniform.

“My husband, Les, and I have 4 children and have lived in Argyle for over 20 years. I’ve been self-employed for most of my career, and I’ve always been extremely entrepreneurial,” says Childs. “I’m excited to provide a service my community needed while building a business for my family.”

Left to Right: Keira Earles, Melanie Earles, McKenzie EarlesLeft to Right: Keira Earles, Melanie Earles, McKenzie Earles


Despite being pool owners themselves, Childs and Earles were both new to the pool industry. Poolwerx places huge value on pool care education and formal certification. New-to-industry franchise partners are brought up to speed with a comprehensive pool school “boot camp” at the Poolwerx training facilities in Dallas. It includes a retail store, fully operational pool with full-range equipment for hands-on training, and a business academy taught by categorical specialists. The program covers every aspect of operating a pool business. Upon completion of pool school, new partners continue with an intensive 12-month mentoring program as they open their businesses.

“Everyone was surprised I wanted to open a pool store at first. I have a healthcare IT background, so this move was a pivot. But I saw an opportunity and ran with it,” says Earles. “My family has supported me every step of the way, and Poolwerx has been great at providing business planning, marketing and technical support. Plus, I love inspiring my girls by being a boss in a male-dominated field.”

“Darlene and Melanie are natural leaders and go-getters. We were delighted when they each approached us about opening a location,” says Andrew Kidd, Poolwerx chief operations officer. “They graduated our pool school with honors, and we were thrilled with their work while training in the field. Now, they’re both excelling at their new Poolwerx stores.”

With the addition of the new Poolwerx stores in Lantana and Haslet, the North Texas area now has eight stores and service locations. Dallas has Poolwerx stores on Forest Lane and one at Coit and Campbell. There are also stores in North Richland Hills, Flower Mound, Highland Village and Weatherford. Each location sells a full range of pool supplies, chemicals, automated cleaners and equipment. They also provide mobile cleaning service, repairs and inspections to their respective neighboring areas.

Poolwerx is currently scouting for more qualified franchise candidates across the U.S. To learn more about franchising opportunities or converting your existing pool business to the Poolwerx brand, visit https://www.poolwerx.com or call (469) 502-0004.

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