BioLab Announces Winner of NC Pool Cleanup Challenge

This 'swamp to clear' transformation won 1st place.
This 'swamp to clear' transformation won 1st place.

Matthew Barclay of Blue Moose Pools receives the prize money at his SCP branch in Phoenix, Ariz.Matthew Barclay of Blue Moose Pools receives the prize money at his SCP branch in Phoenix, Ariz.NC Brands (now BioLab) presented a $6,000 check to the 1st place winner of its Pool Cleanup Challenge, in which pool professionals entered their most compelling and creative ‘swamp to clear’ experiences.

This year, Matthew Barclay of Blue Moose Pools in Phoenix, Ariz., received the contest’s first place prize after clearing a green pool in just a few hours. Barclay, owner of Blue Moose Pools, received the check at the SCP branch in Phoenix for the treatment of a green swimming pool with Yellow Out prior to shock treatment with an EPA-registered chlorine that kills green or yellow algae. Matt also added Natural Chemistry’s Pool First Aid to break down the dead algae, completely clearing the pool water within hours. 

“I picked up the contest flyer at the SCP branch before heading to the green pool, so I could document everything,” says Barclay.  “My client texted me shortly after I left the backyard to tell me the product had already cleared the pool — it’s crazy how well and fast it worked.”

In addition to the $6,000 check presented to Barclay, the SCP branch received a $1,000 credit for supplying the product used in the winning submission.

“We received incredible transformation pictures and videos for a second year in a row — it was a true testament to the power of the recommended cleanup process,” says Jamie Novak, brand manager at NC Brands. “Matt used the products as directed. He documented his results beautifully, including an adorable shot of the homeowner’s dog, who didn’t want to put a paw into the pool until it was cleared.”

The NC Pool Cleanup Challenge also presented a check to 2nd place winner Steve D. out of Conyers, Ga., whose entry won $2,000. Steve was so excited with the results that he
included his own picture in the submission.

The 3rd place winner, Ann E., purchased her products from Gregg’s Pool Works in Shingle Springs, Calif. She received a $1,000 check for her entry.

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