Flochella Rocks New Zealand

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It was New Zealand's first-ever floating music festival: Flochella, a day of music, high-dive plunging, sunshine and thousands flotation devices of all shapes, colors and sizes.

More than 4,000 turned out to Great Lake Taupo for the event on February 6, Waitaingi Day, a national holiday. Eager attendees pushed the unique aquatic gathering to capacity by midday, three hours before it kicked off. More than a 1,000 already had wristbands and floats in hand by 9 a.m.

New Zealand promoter and organizer NZ produced the free event, which featured a crowd-pleasing lineup of rising Kiwi stars including Theia, Maala, Jupiter Project and Mitch James. The event also featured the NZ Bomb Competition, in which competitors jumped from a 10-meter scaffold and were awarded points by a panel of judges.

Attendees floated, bathed in brilliant sunlight and rocked out as the afternoon and early evening event wore on. Organizers reported no incidents or problems of any kind. New Zealanders obviously know how to have a splashing good time.

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