ESCAPE Consumer Campaign Begins


The national campaign to market pools and hot tubs directly to potential customers has begun. The consumer-focused campaign began on Dec. 1 with digital ads on a variety of platforms. The goal is to build growth in pool and hot tub sales over time, measuring results and tracking trends, using digital platforms that can be sustained long term.

The ESCAPE campaign is designed as a vehicle for reintroducing American consumers to the desirability of owning a pool, spa or hot tub. To that end, it will address a variety of barriers that research has shown are keeping many homeowners from purchasing the industry’s products.

“Through Escape, we hope to show consumers it doesn’t cost as much as they think to own a pool or spa," says Lisa Grepps, APSP’s director of marketing and communications, "and that outfitted properly, pools and spas can actually be quite thrifty when it comes to water usage; and that there are a wide range of benefits — both physical and emotional — that come from being a pool, spa or hot tub owner.”


What is ESCAPE?
ESCAPE is APSP’s digital marketing campaign aimed directly at consumers. The goals are to create demand for pools and hot tubs among targeted audiences and to position members for greater visibility and success with the consumer. The initial campaign includes key demographic areas, as identified by research, as well as a paid search campaign (Google AdWords), a U.S. Re-Targeting Campaign (Google Display), Facebook sponsored posts and click-to-website ads. The ESCAPE campaign is a great start for reintroducing consumers to the desirability of owning a pool, spa or hot tub.

How much does it cost to participate?
Membership in APSP is all that's required to be included on the member locator, the centerpiece of the campaign website, All APSP members receive one free listing on the member locator. If a member business has multiple locations and wants each listed on the locator, please email your Account Representative or call 703-838-0083 ext 301.

How does the ESCAPE campaign help me?
APSP embarked on this digital marketing campaign to drive more customers to members’ businesses and further spur the industry’s recovery. The Association is positioning members as the trusted professionals to turn to for pools and hot tubs and related services and products. Your listing on the member locator is the easiest way for potential customers to find you. Check with your Account Representative to ensure we have the most current information on your business.

Is ESCAPE on social media?
Yes. You can participate in the conversation and share the inspiration on the following social media platforms:
Facebook: EscapetoWater
Twitter: @EscapetoWater
Instagram: @EscapetoWater
Pinterest: EscapetoWater

Where can I learn more about ESCAPE?
Visit to see the consumer site. On this site there is a link to the Member Resources section. Use the password Tools2Escape to access logos, email templates, point of sale items, ESCAPE themed materials, and much more.



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