Garrett Liners & Safety Covers

Fallsington, PA 19054

Company Overview

Vinyl Swimming Pool LinersGarrett Liners prides itself on being one of, if not the only, vinyl liner manufacturer who uses 100% virgin vinyl that is manufactured in the United States and Canada to produce everyone of our custom vinyl liners - both inground and above ground. Every liner is individually designed by one of our design professionals using the latest technologies according to the precise measurements we receive from swimming pool professionals.  We are considered an industry expert when it comes to measuring and manufacturing liners for steps, benches, or any other vinyl covered feature that can be found in swimming pools today.Safety CoversGarrett safety covers are designed using the same advanced technology and precise measurements that we use to design our swimming pool liners.  We manufacture our safety covers using the highest-quality materials and high-performance hardware available.  All our covers are manufactured using triple stitching and our exclusive double webbing throughout the entire cover.

Leaders in Aqua
Years in business:59 Years
Number of employees:100
Areas Served:United States, Hawaii
Sales Channel:Dealer Direct

Garrett Liners are backed by a 20 year pro-rated warranty, an extended warranty is available. Our mesh and ultra-mesh safety covers are covers by a 15 year warranty and our ultra-solid covers are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Service, support & spare parts:

Calling Garrett Liners during normal business hours?  You will ALWAYS speak to a "live" person.  Our customer support team takes great pride in developing strong relationships with each of our customers. Our experienced designers are always available to answer questions as well.  No pre-recorded message here!For convenience, Garrett offers a small variety of liner and cover parts for our installers, many of which can be shipped - saving a trip to the supply house


Call anytime to speak to one of our experienced designers with questions about measuring, installing, or just about anything else that relates to a vinyl liner or safety cover.

295 Lower Morrisville Road
Fallsington, PA 19054
Toll Free:(800) 222-3650
Fax:(800) 222-5250

Family owned & operated since 1964, making us the longest established vinyl swimming pool liner manufacturer in the world - we have proven that experience & quality make a difference.

Every liner & safety cover is produced with superior craftsmanship to the precise specifications of the pool, for a perfect fit; and for lasting quality & maximum durability we only use 100% virgin vinyl that is manufactured in the U.S. & Canada.  

Whether building a new pool or replacing and existing safety cover - Garrett is your BEST choice!

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