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28438 Roadside Drive
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
United States
Phone:(818) 436-2953

Built entirely in-house, LeakTronics equipment guarantees accuracy and ease of use, offering professionals the best build quality, performance, and customer service available anywhere. 

Based in Los Angeles, CA, LeakTronics serves its customers around the world with manufacturing, distribution, and training.

LeakTronics hydrophones offer modern technology that identifies the precise location of leaks in swimming pools, water features, spas, hot tubs, and any vessel that holds water, regardless of the size. Other equipment designed by LeakTronics accurately locates leaks in pipes and plumbing lines, irrigation systems, in-floor heating, vinyl liners, and more. Users easily identify leaks under concrete, soil, aggregate and landscaping, flooring and decks, in walls, and behind tile – wherever a leak happens. The highly sensitive equipment from LeakTronics will identify where the leak occurs so repairs can be made.

LeakTronics also offers the only in-depth training courses of their kind to users directly through online training. Successful trainees are certified in their industry as having the know-how to get the job done right, along with the equipment to do the work.

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