Shifting Shades of Color

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All photos courtesy Poolside by CGT

Canadian General Tower recently introduced a new ink into its vinyl material for pool liners that has the ability to "color shift," so the color of the vinyl pool liner changes with the light and angles of the pool.

The pool liner design that uses this new ink is called Surf Antigua and has a color-changing sparkle that caught the attention of Dan Vaduva, a homeowner in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, who was looking for a unique pool liner for his family's outdoor living space. "The unique design was so captivating that we immediately knew we wanted its iridescent sparkle quality and colorchanging ability in our pool."

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The development of these colorshifting inks required a lengthy process to ensure its quality and durability. "The first step was finding a source and supplier to help create and manufacture the ink to meet the required specifications," explains David Sones, designer at CGT. "It took over a year and a half to test and develop the ink at our in-house color lab."

The resulting design is a highdefinition electric (HDE) pattern that has intertwined waves of color which change from blue to teal to magenta with hints of gold and silver that reflect in the water. Depending on the angle and the light conditions, it amplifies the reflection of the water and sunlight for a gradual effect along the pool.

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"The vinyl used in this pool liner transitions in color from shimmering silver-teal to dramatic violet-blue across the curves and angles of the pool," says Vaduva, noting the border also has a wave-like design that accentuates the shifting colors. "It's like a wave of water and movement. It's truly unique and every person that steps into our backyard immediately notices the pool interior. It's very unexpected and a real conversation piece."

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