The Vinyl Answer: 2022 Vinyl Liners Product Focus

This month, we gaze at a dazzling array of new patterns and vinyl pool products in a special product focus. The selection of colors, patterns and thicknesses of vinyl-liners has widely expanded: These days, there are countless variations to enhance any backyard space. From intricate, complex motifs to more minimal, modern designs, check out the latest vinyl-liner pool offerings below.





AquaForms by Frank Wall Enterprises
AquaForms aluminum pool concrete forming system builds concrete wall vinyl liner pools with steps, benches, spas, sun ledges and even automatic cover boxes during the wall pour. This modular system can create unlimited pool designs and shapes. By owning their own forms, builders can take control of their building schedule. AquaForms last well over 3,500 pours, according to the company. All concrete pools and spas are also possible, eliminating shotcrete equipment and highly skilled labor. | (800) 488-9146





Concrete Countertop Solutions
Z Poolform is a reusable forming system for pouring cantilevered concrete coping. On vinyl liner pools, the Z Poolform will plug directly into the existing liner track, eliminating any need for adhesive, screws or tie wires. There are nine different interchangeable form liners to create a variety of different decorative edge details. | (570) 587-3799





Tara Pool & Outdoor Products
Inspired by the sea, the new Island Dream pattern from Tara was developed to showcase its most unique feature: sustainability. Island Dream is made using ReNew vinyl, the first pool vinyl to be certified as a sustainable product. Each Island Dream liner diverts approximately 100 pounds of plastic from the waste stream, because it contains 51% pre-consumer recycled vinyl, the company says. This high-performance pool vinyl uses UV and antimicrobial additives for lasting, sustained brilliance. | (866) 725-8272





McEwen Industries
Kuri Bay Pearl is one of McEwen’s newest patterns, part of the Pearl Reflections Collection. Pearl Reflections patterns are made with reflective, iridescent ink. Kuri Bay Pearl is printed on brilliant blue vinyl and features silver highlights, which gives it an overall luminescent quality. This product is featured in fully 27 mil. | (704) 365-8070





Each of Loop-Loc’s 44 designer patterns are manufactured with Clear-Loc invisible floor seam technology, providing smoother, less noticeable seams. This year, Loop-Loc added new, exclusive patterns to its line of Luxury Liners, including United Waves and the Gunite Series. Palm Springs, from the company’s boutique collection, is reminiscent of the California desert and showcases the tropical elegance of swaying palms. Loop-Loc continues to carry an extensive line of their PearlEssence, Boutique, Embossed and Cherished selections. State-of-the-art computer technology and manufacturing equipment ensure a perfect fit in any pool, the company says. These products are made in the USA. | (800) 562-5667





Kayden Manufacturing, Inc.
Originally brought in as a temporary replacement for a popular, out-of-stock pattern, Kayden Manufacturing’s Black Marble proved to be even more popular than what it was replacing. Available in all 27 mil, this nearly-black pattern will give any pool a chic, modern look, the company says. This pattern and a myriad of other patterns can be found in Kayden Manufacturing’s brochure and on their website. | (201) 880-9898





Pegasus - Cover Co
Rocklyn Tile is a popular pattern for in-ground vinyl liners. Available in 20 mil or 27 mil, the 3-D effect of this product’s rock tile band “pops.” The company offers images of finished pools with your pattern of choice. Check out their website to see other available patterns. | (908) 707-1122





Merlin Industries
With over 40 patterns available, along with additional solid options, Merlin has a vinyl liner to enhance new pool projects or bring lift back into existing poolscapes, the company says. Upgraded patterns include AquaMax, a pool-owner-friendly vinyl with high UV resistance, and Aqua Intense, both patterns featuring one or a combination of textured vinyl and luster inks. Merlin also introduced ReNew, the first and only sustainability certified pool material. | (800) 289-1836





Fox Pool
Fox Pools offers its new Speckle Step Soleil overall pattern for vinyl liner pools. This unique design mimics the look of tiny mosaics, featuring small pops of gold mosaic that add sparkle to the pool water a sense of luxury to the pool’s aesthetic, the company says. Available in 20 mil for new Fox inground pools and replacement pool liners. | (800) 723-1011





CGT (Canadian General Tower)
Poolside’s new Skyline Mosaic liner material has the shimmer of a modern skyline with the serenity of sparkling tropical waters, the company says. Skyline Mosaic is printed on pale blue pool liner material enhanced with Poolside’s exclusive aqua shimmer feature for a sparkling effect. Engineered with added chemical and UV protection, this product is available to fabricators in North America and Europe. Manufactured and printed in North America by CGT. | (519) 623-1633




AQUA & More, a division of Renolit, is pleased to offer a new designer pool liner membrane called Alkorplan Touch-Elegance. This product was created to give residential pools or commercial aquatic facilities a high-end designer look to match the latest in outdoor décor. The new textured liner membrane pattern is inspired by nature and imitates the look and feel of slate stone, the company says. The 80-mil-thick reinforced membrane can be used for new pool construction, or to completely encapsulate and renovate leaking or deteriorated pools. Available for immediate shipment. | (732) 569-7750



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