Heat of the Moment: 2022 Spas Product Focus

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The spa market remains hot, as consumers continue to seek out the luxury product. Whether they are interested in a workout or a place to escape and relax, there’s something out there to suit everyone. Check out the latest spa offerings below, from smaller, cozier sizes to tubs large enough to fit family and friends.





Bullfrog Spas
Work out at home, splash around with the kids, or sit back, relax, and let stress and tension melt away. Bullfrog Spas’ all-new Swim Series makes it easy to do all of this and more, year-round, and right in your own backyard, the company says. Numerous therapy options are available with the patented JetPak Therapy System. Additional features include functional and versatile layouts with spacious swim zones, premium touch-screen main controls and convenient auxiliary controls, and a kids splash pad play area.
bullfrogspas.com | (801) 307-0820





Viking Spas
Built in West Michigan, Viking Spas offers a lineup of hot tubs to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. From the Plug N’ Play series to the fully featured Elite Series, all Viking hot tubs provide peace of mind with the slip resistant SoftTouch shell material, the company says. The Tradition model, an open-seated spa, features two versions of the unique 3D seat with strategically placed jets that allow users to comfortably lounge across nearby seats. Or, they can sink into one of the generously jetted captain seats with wrist and neck therapy and enjoy the powerful Volcano foot jet.
vikingspas.com | (616) 248-7800





Nordic Hot Tubs
Nordic Hot Tubs provides high-quality, therapeutic and affordable hot tubs: At the heart of the company’s mission is their STAR philosophy, meaning every hot tub should be simple to use, therapeutic, affordable and reliable. All Nordic Hot Tubs are 100% made in the United States and can be found in homes across the world. When one purchases a Nordic Hot Tub, the company says, they are purchasing Nordic’s passion for true whirlpool therapy, their commitment to the highest quality, as well as their drive to exceed expectations in value and performance.
nordichottubs.com | (616) 940-4036





Master Spas
The H2X Challenger 18D Pro by Master Spas is designed for serious swimming and recreation. With three dedicated swim pumps and six strategically placed jets, the system creates a smooth, wide current of water to challenge any swimmer. This system is designed without air induction to give the user a quality swim experience. There is also a dedicated swim system panel, located at the swim end, that allows the swimmer to easily program workouts. Master Spas swim spas also have hydrotherapy seats with massage jets for relaxation and recovery.
masterspas.com | (260) 436-9100





Strong Spas
Strong Spas is excited to feature its Wi-Fi App and DURA-SHIELD HardCover. Available on Summit Series spas, this app allows the user to control temperature, jets, filtration, lighting and more from anywhere. Users can set the spa to be hot upon return home from work or play. Strong’s patented DURA-SHIELD HardCover was engineered to provide tough protection and thermal efficiency. DURA-SHIELD can hold well over 1,000 lbs, minimizing the risk of kids or pets entering while blocking out debris and snow, the company says. American-made, Strong Spas are sold throughout North America and Europe.
strongspas.com | (570) 275-2700





Freeflow Spas
Freeflow Spas’ lineup of nine models offer durability and energy efficiency with a touch of elegance at an entry-level price point. Each spa features stainless steel jets and two to seven seats in open or lounge configuration. Three models can be upgraded to the Premier Series with sculpted pillows, exterior LED lights, and a sleek, wood-like cabinet. All Freeflow Spas hot tubs are rotationally molded to be durable yet lightweight, with full foam insulation for energy efficiency. Additionally, Plug-N-Play technology allows for no special wiring requirements. Fill it up, plug it in, and start relaxing, the company says.
freeflowspas.com | (888) 961-7727





Fantasy Spas
Easy to own and easy to operate, Fantasy Spas hot tubs have all the features a hot tubber needs for ultimate relaxation, the company says. Every Fantasy Spa has durable yet lightweight rotomolded construction, full foam insulation, and Plug-N-Play (110v) technology at an entry-level price. Additional features include stainless steel jets, a waterfall, a built-in ice bucket (on most spas), underwater LED lighting, and open or lounge seating for up to five adults. Fantasy Spas also offers the option to upgrade to the Premier Series with sculpted pillows, synthetic-wood cabinet, and exterior lights.
fantasy-spas.com | (888) 961-7727





Natural Spas
Immerse yourself in nature with Natural Spas: lightweight, artificial rock products designed to fit in with the natural environment while offering the luxury of a spa. Choose an inground, semi-inground or traditional spa for a patio surface, and select a waterfall to go with it, from small to large designs.
naturalrockspas.com | (972) 412-7179





Marquis Corp
Marquis’ Crown Collection is designed with three distinguishing features: high-flow therapy, easy and efficient water care, and luxurious MicroSilk oxygen skin health and beauty treatments. Laminar flow optimizes water flow by eliminating turbulence for high-flow, no-sting therapy, and H.O.T. Zones deliver deeper, more targeted therapy for tight muscle groups, the company says. The Dynamic Flow Control valve delivers zero to 100% of water to each seat. ConstantClean+, the company’s efficient water management system, cleans more water volume in less time, and features high-flow filtration, automated in-line sanitation and ozonation.
marquisspas.com | (503) 838-0888





Platinum Spas
Platinum Spas has launched two new all-seater hot tubs, the Oslo and Colombo, the latest additions to the Premium range. Both spas seat up to seven people, making them ideal for family and friends with all-seater layouts. The Oslo includes 64 jets, water features and LED lights. Using 3 x 3HP pumps, the jet pressure is incredibly powerful, the company says. Both feature Platinum Premium Shield insulation, which helps make a difference in the amount of heat that is retained in the hot tub for energy cost reduction.





Vita Spa
Vita Spa Swim Spas has a new STR 16-foot model available. In addition to the same exercise equipment capabilities, this design has expanded seating for five people with 42 jets and a longer swim lane. Along with proprietary ‘Anti-Turbulence’ swim jets and Northern Exposure insulation, the multiple fitness and water feature options allow users to embrace a streamlined swim, resistance training, and relaxation without sacrifice in the product line’s deepest model, the company says.
vitaspa.com | (480) 895-0598 EXT. 7151





American Whirlpool
PowerPool Swim Spas by American Whirlpool has released a new 16-foot model. The design has expanded seating for up to five people with 42 therapy jets and a longer swim lane. Along with MAAX Force swim jets and Northern Exposure insulation, the multiple fitness and water feature options allow users to embrace a streamlined swim, resistance training, and relaxation without sacrifice in the product line’s deepest model, the company says.
americanwhirlpool.com | (480) 895-0598 EXT. 7151




Natare Corporation
Natare stainless steel spas are ideal for any facility or residence where the soothing effects of water in motion are desired, the company says. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and depths, these stainless steel spas can be placed inground, freestanding, or on an elevated surface such as a rooftop terrace. After a fast and easy installation, these lightweight, durable and flexible spas will provide years of trouble-free service with minimal upkeep and maintenance. Optional features include complete mechanical and filtration systems, access equipment and rehabilitation systems, counter-swim, and hydrotherapy.
natare.com | (800) 336-8828





PDC Spas
PDC Spas manufactures 19 different swim and fitness spas as well as 16 different hot tub models. The company, located in Williamsport, Pa., has been in business for more than six decades.
pdcspas.com | (570) 323-3060



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