WAVE Systems Drowning Detection

W100 System On Gray Render

WAVE Drowning Detection Systems is on a mission to end drowning. The company is revolutionizing the job of lifeguards, giving them tools that make their job far more engaging and ensuring they intervene long before incidents turn into drownings. The WAVE Drowning Detection System works in all types of water, including indoor or outdoor pools, waterparks, lakes, bays, rivers and more. It is not affected by water color, temperature, bubbles, currents, chemicals, minerals, vegetation or marine life, the company says. This product detects that critical moment in time when a swimmer might be in danger and immediately alerts aquatics teams so they can intervene if needed. All components are designed to be weather-resistant for years of reliable service, and the system can be portable, installed permanently, or used seasonally. Intended for use at smaller to medium size facilities.
wavedds.com | (203) 429-4636

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