WAVE Drowning Prevention Systems Delivers Its 100th System During Drowning Prevention Month


WAVE Drowning Prevention Systems is proud to announce its life-saving technology is now being used by thousands of swimmers in more than 25 states and abroad.

The company says that even though its partners’ aquatics facilities have dedicated and vigilant staff watching over the welfare of people in the water, the risk of drowning is always present. The WAVE system provides another layer of security as an extra precaution because safety is always of the highest priority.

According to the company, WAVE is the first truly reliable, affordable, and easy-to-deploy technology that dramatically reduces the risk of drowning.

The WAVE system relies on lightweight, comfortable headsets worn by swimmers. The headsets communicate wirelessly with the system twice every second, and enable WAVE to accurately determine how long the swimmer has been under water. If submerged for longer than 20-plus seconds (adjustable), wearables (such as bracelets and pendants) worn by staff will begin to vibrate to make them aware that a swimmer may be in trouble. If the swimmer stays under water, the system will alert using audio-visual alarms. Alerting staff within this time dramatically decreases the chances of drowning and makes the pool safer.

WAVE's Lifeguard Entry Alert (LEA) system also immediately alerts other staff in the facility anytime a guard enters the water.

“It is 2024. We have the technology that can greatly reduce the chance of a drowning impacting any family,” says WAVE Co-Founder and CEO Mark Caron. “Aquatics directors have told us WAVE is changing the way their staff behave. They’re more focused because the system makes their job more compelling.”

 *WAVE products are designed to supplement, not replace, vigilant human supervision.

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