Safety Solutions: 2023 Safety Product Focus

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Give your customers peace of mind this summer with this wide array of safety products from industry-leading manufacturers β€” everything from gate latches to pool lifts to AI-powered alarms β€” for the best pool season yet.





Cover-Pools lets you focus on fun. If you already have a pool, or if you're planning to build one, a Cover-Pools automatic pool cover is a great way to safeguard loved ones, save money on heating costs and chemicals, and protect your investment. Find out for yourself what delighted pool owners all over the world have already discovered β€” "our automatic pool covers are the finest, safest and easiest-to-use pool cover you can buy," says the company. So, kick back, relax and enjoy all the benefits of pool ownership. Cover-Pools has you covered. | (760) 621-1543





Aquamatic Cover Systems
Since 1980, Aquamatic Cover Systems has provided peace of mind to families around the world with both the Hydramatic hydraulic automatic and EZ-Cover manual safety swimming pool and spa covers, the company says. Both covers are third-party verified to exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards for safety, and both satisfy pool barrier codes throughout the United States and Canada. | (800) 262-4044





CamerEye is advancing the future of pool technology by expanding its AI Smart Pool System to cover the entire pool lifecycle. The AI smart system has a built-in siren for robust 24/7 video monitoring, human and pet-only detection in and around the pool, and timely alerts for critical situations. The system also provides real-time data on pool health, such as cleanliness, timely care alerts, and a comprehensive pool health score. The system revolutionizes pool building and homeowner pool maintenance and safety, making it easier, safer and smarter than ever before. | (800) 906-2810





Aqua Creek Products
The new Revolution XL Deep Draft Pool Lift features a more sleek direct drive motor, effectively minimizing the footprint while simultaneously increasing versatility, giving it Aqua Creek's biggest water draft and setback ranges yet. This battery-operated pool lift is solar compatible, handcrafted with stainless steel components, and available in your choice of powder coat colors. Backed by a standard, five-year limited warranty. | (406) 549-0769





Water Tech Corp
Water Tech's Pool Blaster Skimmer Vac is a hydraulic, easy-to-use manual device that effortlessly removes debris from virtually any pool skimmer basket to keep hands safe from "untouchables." Everything from leaves, twigs, insects, rodents, and other debris is instantly removed and sealed in a water-tight compartment without ever having to remove the basket itself. There is never a need to touch or be exposed to the many dangers that make their way into an otherwise clean and healthy pool. | (800) 298-8800





CCEI USA's Plug in Pool underwater electrical outlet works without contacts. The outlet transmits electrical energy by induction. With no wires and no contacts, the product is the safest way to bring power underwater, the company says. When the light is removed, the power turns off automatically so you can remove the light and add other underwater accessories. Available in large and mini light sizes and in monochromatic and multicolor lighting. | (424) 800-2191





JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools, manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool and spa maintenance equipment, offers a commercial-grade, pool life and rescue hook that is a safety must at any swimming pool. Designed to help struggling swimmers, the hook can be easily placed on a wall near the pool so those monitoring the pool can pull swimmers to safety outside the pool water. Made of aluminum, the safety hook is sturdy yet lightweight, making it easy for anyone to use. | (570) 344-4137





Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. has developed the next generation PowerTouch automatic pool cover controller that keeps pools closed, locked and safe when not supervised, preventing unauthorized pool use. This lock-code controller uses industry-exclusive technology that also provides 100% tool-less, one-finger torque limit adjustment, says the company. With "back-lit" buttons, the PowerTouch is easy to see both by day and night. The controller has easy-to-read buttons and a simple checkmark button, making it more intuitive for users to operate. | (800) 878-5789





Frank Wall Enterprises
Frank Wall's new Skim Buddy pool skimmer pool care cleaning tool is designed to make cleaning skimmer baskets safer and easier. No more bending over, reaching, or hurting your back to pull out skimmer baskets! This tool also keeps bare hands safe from injury while cleaning out leaves or other undesirable creatures from skimmer baskets. The tool even keeps service techs and homeowners from touching chlorine sticks, pucks or tablets! Keep pool pros and clients safe with the Skim Buddy! | (800) 488-9146





Kelley Technical Coatings
Convoy Slip Resistant Safety coatings offer safety underfoot to protect against slip hazards. Available in several formulations and very easy to apply, Convoy provides slip-resistant coatings perfect for any slippery area like steps, shower rooms, diving boards, wading pools, and pool coping. The high-solids Super Convoy epoxy finish offers a slip-resistant profile while remaining comfortable to your feet. Available in several pool and safety colors. | (800) 634-1062





RicoRock offers a unique coping/waterline piece to be used as handholds under waterfalls for safety. Pool code states that there must be handholds every 4 feet if the water depth is over 4 feet. To ensure safety compliance, all raised beam and rock features should incorporate a handhold of at least 3 inches in depth. Made of lightweight, cast concrete that is easily mortared, these coping/waterline features are easy to add to the pool. Available in a variety of colors. | (888) 717-3100





Vacless Systems
Vacless Systems manufactures and sells safety vacuum release systems. These SVRS devices can be used on residential as well as commercial pools, spas and water features. The Vacless unit requires no tools, no cutting of existing plumbing and no calibration upon installation. Units are certified and meet VGB requirements. Vacless is a CPSC-approved SVRS manufacturer. | (818) 701-6200





D&D Technologies
MagnaLatch ALERT Safety Gate Latch's magnetic technology produces a latch that is toddler-resistant, safe and reliable. A combined gate latch and alarm, MagnaLatch ALERT offers dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing LED lights and audible alerts that sound if a gate is left opened or unlatched. Users can see at a glance, and hear from a distance, if the gate is not secured, the company says. MagnaLatch comes in two sizes and is vertically and horizontally adjustable and easy to install, with no special tools or wiring required. This product is made with rust-free, industrial-strength polymer and stainless steel, is tested to two million cycles and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. | (714) 677-1300





Leisure Concepts
Safety and convenience should be a top priority for your customer and this attractive package offers both, says Leisure Concepts. The company has combined its popular Safe-T-Rail with its top-of-the-line ModStep 2XL step to create a stable, sturdy product no spa owner should be without. The large 24-inch-by-35-inch top platform with non-slip, rubber tread, combined with the sturdy, easy-to-attach Safe-T-Rail, ensures the spa user can safely and comfortably enter and exit their spa. The powder-coated aluminum frame with polymer treads makes the ModStep 2XL the safest, strongest and longest-lasting step on the market, the company says. | (800) 469-2428





Aquatic Access
All Aquatic Access Pool Lifts are green machines, powered solely by water pressure from a hose or a plumbed-in line. The 2.2 gallons of water used to lift the seat are drained into the pool as the seat descends, replacing evaporated water for net zero energy usage. No batteries, charging, motors, electronics or complicated maintenance, which provides the utmost reliability and immediate availability without having to call an attendant, as is required by the ADA. Simpler is smarter. | (800) 325-5438





The SwamCam is an innovative pool security system developed for the purpose of saving lives. When activated, SwamCam uses AI to constantly scan a pool area for human detection and notifies users if the area is breached. Alarms sound outside from the camera speaker, inside from the wireless alarm, and remotely from any smartphone. The system has a fully integrated app with many safety features including back-up alarm notices using Zigbee technology, an integrated Wi-Fi extender, automatic "arming" of the alarm and more. | (888) 679-2622





Nationwide Industries
Available in black and white, as well as 10 inches and 20 inches, the TRIDENT Magnetic Gate Latch offers a strong magnetic closure and significant vertical tolerance to avoid sagging gates. It features the Safe-Notch to ensure the gate stays closed even if climbed. If the cylinder is previously locked on the opened gate, the "Latch When Locked" feature will engage for added safety. A sophisticated, modern design with rust-resistant components, the TRIDENT Magnetic Gate Latch is easy to install and is backed by the Million Cycle Warranty. | (813) 988-2628



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