Blue Torrent Pool Products

New York, NY 10028

Company Overview

Manufacture's and Distributors of the Most Innovative Pool Products on the market.  Set yourself apart from the competition.  Order Today, Ship Tomorrow.

Filters, Pumps, Ladders, Maintenance Equipment, Replacement Parts.  Your one stop shop for everything pool related.

Leaders in Aqua
Service, support & spare parts:

Dedicated warranty department.  Reach us at 888-901-3785 or [email protected].

444 E. 81st
New York, NY 10028
Phone:(631) 839-2082

We are a Group of pool professionals with over 40 years experience in the swimming pool industry.  We are the only manufacturer with TRUE RETAIL EXPERIENCE.  All of our products are designed to fulfill the needs of retailers like you who are looking for quality merchandise and packaging that is completely different from what is sold through distribution and, or the internet.  Save up to 40% compared to buying through distribution.   There are no minimum order quantities on all domestic shipments.  Most orders ship within 24 hours from our warehouse in NY.  

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